Road to Glory

The Baptism by fire a.k.a. The First Session Ever
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The first session. My three players and me. One of them has never played tabletop rpgs, two of them have not played since 2001 or so (and then it was middle-earth/runequest -thing) and this was my First time as a DM.

Things started smoothly. I had planned the evening so, that we would have a nice deal of combat and some rp..not much, since the actual roleplaying wasn’t the issue, but the rules of the fighting and IMO: you learn best while doing it.

I gave the players some basic info about the events that lead them to their current location. I told them about the meeting with Meldkel and their arrvial to Cormyr. Then I explained how and why they where working in a lumber/charcoal -camp.

During a normal day a band of goblins attacked the camp. Two sergeants and eight goblin miners (minions)

The camp was working is sifts and the half-elf rogue of the group Yona’dah was resting in one of the huts, the human fighter of the group Omor Comorsson was watching over the charcoal mound (look up charcoal from wikipedia and you get the picture) and the party’s human cleric was acting as a foreman at the site. Since everyone where working, they only had basic personal items with them, like Omor wearing only leather in stead of scale he usually prefers. The goblins emerged from the woods north of the clearing. ......TO BE CONTINUED!


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